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What makes a Robot tick: The common man’s guide into the world of Robots. Free from Mathematics and Programming.




This book is an introductory guide to the world of Robotics.

  • No engineering background is necessary to understand the content of this book.

  • It’s written in simple English.

  • Engaging real-life examples and simple explanations

This is a short and straightforward book for curious people who wish to explore the magic world of robotics!

Why did I (the author) write this book?

As an experienced teacher and a Roboticist who plays with robots daily, I have gained a good understanding of the Robotics field. I have seen that people often fear and avoid robotics books because they think the concepts are hard to grasp. But, I can teach in a way that even a child can understand. Through this book, I hope to shed light on the fundamental ideas of robotics without making you scratch your head, pondering about mathematics or the programming of a robot. I hope to take you on a brief journey to expand your understanding of robots and clear any misconceptions you have regarding robotics.

Who is the Author?

  • Shivoh Chirayil is a PhD student in Robotics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, and has received the prestigious James Watt PhD. Scholarship.

  • He received the “Recognition of Excellence in Teaching” Associate Fellowship Certificate from the University of Glasgow, UK, in April 2021.

  • He is a former Robotics Researcher in Human-Robot Interaction at the University of Glasgow, UK.

  • He holds a Distinction in his Master’s degree in Mechatronics with a specialization in Robotics from the University of Glasgow, UK. The University of Glasgow consistently ranks in the top 100 universities in the world.

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Independently published (24 May 2021)




102 pages




13.97 x 0.66 x 21.59 cm

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