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Introduction to AI: Written by a Human: Understand how Algorithms Curate Your View




Have you ever searched for something online only to be inundated with ads for the same product or service on social media?
Keeping up with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and how it’s used can leave your head spinning. Understanding algorithms and big data can leave you feeling more confused than ever.
Your Introduction to AI: Written by a Human was written to help you understand how algorithms and social media affect our lives. Knowledge is power, and knowing how artificial intelligence is connected to your digital life will help you better manage what you choose to share online.
Inside Your Introduction to AI: Written by a Human, Joe McGuire and Britt Collens discuss:

  • How big data and content curation exposes you to a world view in line with your confirmation bias.
  • What you can do to limit the amount of information you’re giving away about yourself on social media platforms.
  • How social media personas, especially those flaunting unrealistic beauty standards, affect mental and, ultimately, physical health.
  • The challenge of teaching our youth in a constantly changing world.
  • How governments are left in the dust of rapidly changing technology, unable to pass laws quickly enough to protect their people, and what this means for the future of artificial intelligence.

By taking steps to understand AI, you’ll be better equipped to judge the information that you’re reading!
Get your copy of Your Introduction to AI: Written by a Human, and begin to understand how it’s changing the world!

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DTS Publishing (26 Jun. 2023)




141 pages




15.24 x 0.81 x 22.86 cm

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