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AI in the Construction Industry: Modern Methods for Smart Buildings




Never before has the intersection of technology and traditional industries been so intriguing and pivotal. This is dominantly true in the domain of construction where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape, ushering in an era of smart buildings and fundamentally changing the methods we employ. “AI in the Construction Industry: Modern Methods for Smart Buildings”, an insightful Special Report by Phoebe King, offers a front-row seat to witness these changes.

The report dives in with an easy-to-understand introduction to AI within the context of construction and smart buildings. It explores how AI is revolutionizing design processes and profoundly impacting construction management. Sustainability, efficiency, and the massive role AI plays in realizing these goals are also carefully examined.

True to King’s knack for real-world application, the report lights up with engaging case studies, illuminating the impressive leaps within the smart building repertoire. More so, it delves into the challenges present in implementing AI in construction, yet reassures with proven solutions and inspiring success stories.

Intriguingly, the report takes a peek into the future – where is AI heading and what does this mean for the construction industry? Equally important, how is this technological revolution expected to impact construction jobs and what skills would be in demand?

Wrapping up, King provides thoughtful final remarks about the significance of embracing AI to forge a future populated with smarter, greener buildings. Whether you’re a construction professional, an AI enthusiast, or simply a curious reader, this report serves as the perfect guide to navigate the novelty of AI in construction. Step into the future with us, won’t you?

Phoebe King, the author, is a seasoned expert merging technological frontiers with construction realities. Having spent over a decade in the industry, she brings to life her belief in the power of technological transformation across her consulting work, thought-leadership, and now, in ‘AI in the Construction Industry: Modern Methods for Smart Buildings’.

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Independently published (7 Aug. 2023)




44 pages




15.24 x 0.25 x 22.86 cm

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