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AI in Healthcare and Medicine : Diagnosis, Prognosis & Medical Treatment




In the groundbreaking book, “AI in Healthcare and Medicine: Diagnosis, Prognosis & Medical Treatment,” you will embark on an enlightening journey into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence as it revolutionizes the field of medicine. This captivating exploration delves into the transformative impact of AI, as it shapes the future of healthcare, bringing forth unprecedented innovations, and providing new hope for millions of patients worldwide.

Picture a world where advanced AI algorithms can detect early signs of diseases that were once elusive, provide accurate prognosis, and guide medical professionals in administering personalized, life-saving treatments. This revolutionary tome will open your eyes to the endless possibilities and potential that AI holds for the realm of medicine, and its power to enhance the very essence of human well-being.

In this comprehensive guide, you will dive deep into the following cutting-edge topics:

  1. AI for Diagnosis: The book unveils the breathtaking advances in AI-based diagnostic tools, capable of interpreting complex medical data and providing accurate, rapid, and reliable diagnoses. Discover how AI has propelled the field of medical imaging into new frontiers, outperforming human experts in detecting subtle abnormalities in radiological images, and uncovering diseases that were previously undetected.

  2. AI for Prognosis: Uncover the astonishing potential of AI to predict disease progression, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions and craft targeted treatment plans. Learn how AI is transforming the prognostic landscape by utilizing deep learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of patient data, providing insights into disease outcomes, and ultimately improving patient care.

  3. Survival & Risk Models: Delve into the intricacies of survival and risk models, as the book illuminates how AI can optimize these complex analytical frameworks, enhancing their predictive accuracy.

  4. Building Risk & Survival Models: Immerse yourself in the fascinating process of developing AI-driven risk and survival models.

  5. AI for Medical Treatment: Learn how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery, expediting the process of finding novel therapeutic agents, and personalizing medical treatments to cater to individual patient needs. Explore the incredible potential of AI to tailor treatment plans, optimize drug dosages, and monitor patient responses, thus heralding a new era of precision medicine.

Whether you are a medical professional eager to stay at the cutting edge of your field or a curious reader seeking to understand the nexus of AI and healthcare, “AI in Healthcare and Medicine: Diagnosis, Prognosis & Medical Treatment” is the essential resource for you. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and motivated as you discover the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the medical world.

Feras Naser is a founder and pioneer in the field of cocreation, he has built the cocreation movement, he believes great leaders can co-create better and lead the development of new solutions. Feras teaches online on various engineering topics, he has built the cocreation movement which is about finding collaborative solutions to the world problems. This collaboration can happen between humans and with the help of AI & Machines. He has also built his online group, which consists of a large number of business and innovation seeds. The group can be seen on his website, and the cocreation movement work can be seen on

Feras Naser holds a BSc in civil Engineering from the university of Jordan and an MSc in railway systems form the University of Birmingham.

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Independently published (21 Mar. 2023)




154 pages




15.24 x 0.89 x 22.86 cm

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