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AI for Smart Pre-Teens and Teens Ages 10-19: Using Artificial Intelligence to Learn, Think, and Create. Explore Machine Learning, Deep Learning, LLMs, and the New STEM…




Artificial intelligence is shaping our world in fascinating ways, from digital assistants to self-driving cars. But AI can seem complex and intimidating. This fun and engaging book unravels the mysteries of AI for pre-teens and teens ages 10-19 in an accessible way.

In ‘AI for Smart Pre-Teens and Teens Ages 10-19’, you will learn all about the building blocks of AI, including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. The book covers the history of AI from early computational systems up through the cutting-edge innovations powering the future. You will discover how AI already impacts your daily life and see future applications in healthcare, sustainability, and more.

We learn from what leading AI experts like Sam Altman, Andrew Ng, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, and others think about the role AI will play in the future. The book also stresses the importance of addressing ethics and bias in these powerful systems. A special chapter provides resources to continue your AI education, like online courses, competitions, and open-source communities.

Whether you’re a total beginner in AI or already coding, this book will empower you to participate in the AI revolution. You will gain basic AI literacy and skills for creating innovative projects, and pursuing STEM careers. Most importantly, you’ll be ready to help shape how AI technologies are used to benefit society. Unlock the mysteries of AI and start unleashing your inner expert today!

Dr. Leo Lexicon is an educator and author. He is the founder of Lexicon Labs, a publishing imprint that is focused on creating entertaining books for active minds.

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Independently published (29 Aug. 2023)




88 pages




15.24 x 0.51 x 22.86 cm

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