The Essential Guide to AI Tools

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What will you find in this guide?

Wealth of practical tips to ramp up your efficiency and creativity, bringing those ideas to life quickly and cost effectively with AI Tools

AI Toolbox Ideas

Streamline tasks, increase productivity and enhance your creativity with real life
challenges and solutions with toolbox Ideas

AI Tools for Everyone

As an artists or author, educator or writer, student or entrepreneur or a busy parent, learn about the tools that can turn your tasks from chores into joys.

ChatGPT Controls and Prompts

Master ChatGPT controls and prompts to guide your conversations and enhance its output
quality tailored to your needs

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Explore practical ways to combine AI tools for your next business venture

Dive into the world of responsible AI where ethics meet innovation

Enhance your productivity with role specific ChatGPT prompts

Automate tasks and generate creative content with freemium tools

Role Based Prompts Tools and Ideas

Whether you're an educator or writer, student or entrepreneur, busy parent or just someone seeking to enhance efficiency at home or work, this guide has tailored insights just for you.

About the Authors

Elon Zakari is the digital head at KASBA.AI and is passionate about unlocking the power of AI to improve lives. He combines his critical thinking with a sound understanding of technology to deliver practical and actionable insights. His work aims to help everyone, from beginners to enthusiasts, benefit from the current wave of digital transformation.

About the Guide

Chatbots to Cashbots offers a straightforward path to grasping AI tools, making daily tasks easier and more enjoyable for writers, students, entrepreneurs and parents alike.

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